High Strangeness at Skinwalker Ranch

S1 E4

Published on 2/10/22 Length:  28.39 ​Hosted by:  Brenda and Mary Jo


The Skinwalker Ranch is #1 on our personal list of "Places of High Strangeness."  It is the most investigated more than any location in the U.S.  At one point, the ranch was owned by a man called, "Bigelow". who was being paid to bring in the first round of scientists.  That money came from our government.  The results of the years long investigation has been sealed.  Now, a billionaire, Brian Fugle, owns the ranch.  Fugle has made his findings public and even allows his scientists to conduct serious experiments for the camera. The ranch is on the Discovery Series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

UFOs are reported almost daily, sometimes several times a day.  Cattle mutilation is common and may range from deceased with internal organs, tongue, and eyes removed. Sometimes, the cows wind up in the enclosure, catatonic, somehow stacked on top of each other.

There are unexplained areas of deadly radiation.  One ranch hand was rushed to the hospital for a head injury that appeared he was affected by a home microwave.

The strangest part of the ranch is the repeated claim there are "portals" "wormholes" or "dimensions" appearing in the sky.  Very often. the claim is that some kind of creature crawls out of them.

Did I mention this was once Native American land where one tribe placed a curse on the opposing tribes land?  We all know that never goes well.

"Now I realize that this is going to sound like bullshit but I swear there was this mass of darkness that held its shape against the glow of the light, if only for a fraction of a second, before it seemly stepped backwards and was gone."   

                                                                                                                             --Erick Rhutts, Lost on Skinwalker Ranch

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