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K2 Meter EMF with Sound
New Model with Audio Alert!

This K2 Deluxe EMF meter with on/off switch and audio buzzer alerts you to changes in EM frequencies with both the traditional LED light graph and sound. This added feature will help you quickly be alerted to potential activity without staring at the meter all night. Additionally, this buzzer is a terrific addition so that all audio-records in the vicinity will 'hear' and document when EMF spikes occur even when video cameras are not present.

These meters are shipped from overseas so we can offer them at a lower price. The packaging is a simple box, so it doesn't make a fantastic presentation.

We have used the same ones for years, from the same manufacturer and they function the same and are still using them years later. You will be pleased with the meter, without breaking the bank.

No fancy packaging but you are getting a quality product at 50% less.

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